Hendrix Hammond
As an experienced consultant psychotherapist, I am committed to helping individuals and groups overcome challenges and achieve their goals. With years of experience as a seasoned trainer, coach, and organisational consultant, I offer a unique blend of therapeutic insights and practical strategies to help you thrive. Together, we can explore the possibilities and work towards personal growth or organisational transformation, whatever your needs.

Hi I’m Hendrix!

Embark on a journey towards personal or organisational growth with me. With over 15 years of diverse experience in psychotherapy, I have helped numerous clients achieve their goals. I am also an accredited relationship coach and have collaborated with several ethical organisations to ignite dynamic transformations. My therapeutic experience spans the public, private, and charity sectors, giving me a unique edge in understanding individuals and group dynamics. I am committed to helping individuals and organisations thrive, attempting to take an ethical stance in their work.

I have a proven track record of working well with ethical leaders and organisations, and I bring a blend of therapeutic expertise and coaching skills to every client contact. We can break through challenges together to create better, ethical and connected relationships.



Workshop and Keynotes

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