About Me

My passion lies in helping people unlock their potential, strengths, and capabilities. As a therapist, I believe in going beyond simply listening – I share my experiences and ideas to create a collaborative and engaging space. Together, we embark on a unique journey where your strengths are the compass.

I recognise that working with people is a collaborative process, and I adapt my work style to meet the dynamic needs of individuals and organisations. Whether guiding clients in therapy sessions or leading on transformative organisational change, I tailor my approach to nurture growth, develop insight and promote better connections.

In addition to my therapeutic role, I am an accredited relationship coach, and I specialise in training, coaching, and facilitating organisational transformations, drawing from over 15 years of experience.

Creating a safe and non-judgmental environment is my top priority, helping you navigate negative cycles and fostering secure, attached, and harmonious relationships. I am attuned and experienced in working with diverse individuals, beliefs and cultures.

I specialise in collaborating with organisations and leaders striving to cultivate an ethical work environment. This commitment is significant for me, as I deeply value our collective and individual humanity, honour integrity, and remain closely aligned with my core values. My choice to focus on working with teams, individuals, and organisations stems from an understanding that many often find it challenging to achieve or maintain a strong connection to their values and ethos.

My passion lies in guiding and supporting those who recognise the inherent difficulty in fostering an ethical workplace culture. By working together, we navigate the complexities and intricacies that can arise on this journey, ensuring alignment with the values that matter most.

Apart from therapy and organisational work, I am committed to knowledge sharing. I teach therapeutic approaches, coach leaders, facilitate reflective practice groups, and provide clinical supervision.

Let’s collaborate on a growth, resilience, and transformation journey tailored to your unique needs.

Let’s engage in a conversation about your specific requirements.